eCTD publishing/submission (US FDA) - price sheet, per submission

Number of documents ≤ 5 documents > 5 and ≤ 25 documents > 25 documents
(non-major submissions)
Price (USD) 1, 2, 3, 4 $300 $600 $900
1 Adequacy of nature and number of the documents will be verified (included). However, the content review/editing will need additional consulting fee.
2 Quick turnaround time for eCTD publishing/submission (1-3 days in general).
3 For major eCTD submssions, such as full IND, DMF, ANDA, NDA, BLA or EUA, please contact us for pricing.
4 For new clients, there is 50% discount for the first two eCTD submissions.

Your request for eCTD publishing/submission (with company email):


Call: 1-484-744-1317 (USA), e-mail:
Donghao (Robert) Lu, Ph.D.
Also available as Regular-term Consultant (e.g. %FTE), CMC and Regulatory, Development and Justifications (for IND, NDA)