REGeCTD for Windows Desktop ... New release on 5-8-2022 (R3)

REGeCTD for Windows Desktop, Publish version, is available to download and use (lower price). It has the functions the same as the Online version.

Please send any questions by e-mail to: (cc:

REGeCTD eCTD software versions:

(1) Online version (Publish) - free (at present)

(2) Windows desktop version (Publish) - lower price

(3) Windows desktop full version (Publish, Lifecycle and Document Management)

REGeCTD Windows desktop full version (Publish, Lifecycle and Doc Management) - price sheet

Category 1 user computer 3 user computers 10 user computers
Price (USD) 1 $9,800/year $18,800/year $55,800/year
License 2 single company single company single company
1 User software training by FDA regulatory expert included
2 Single company license (i.e. REGeCTD software should not be shared for eCTD submissions from different pharmaceutical companies)